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If it has been more than 1 year since you last dived, we recommend having your equipment serviced and getting an updated physician’s recommendation to dive. It is the diver’s responsibility to be fit to dive, but it’s always good to check in with your doctor first!

We strive to be the safest dive boats in the world.

Our crew are trained to prevent and respond to dive emergencies. We carry oxygen and an AED for emergencies, and we drill regularly on the use of these. We would prefer not to use these and so we dive by the following 4 rules:

  1. Recreation diving only – 130 ft. max depth on ALL dives.
  2. No decompression diving.
  3. Dive with a buddy.
  4. Stick to your dive plan.

Divemasters on deck

To maintain a safe dive deck, CIEx has a 15:1 diver to divemaster ratio. Divemasters maintain a vigilant watch from the dive deck at all times. We keep a deckhand as the dive assistant on the dive deck to assist with tank fills and gear issues.

A divemaster or crew member will greet each diver as they return to the swim platform from their dive. Crew are happy to help with gear and facilitating you re-boarding the boat.

Dive Times

When dive gates are open, divers may enter the water. Once all divers are in, the dive gates close for the dive site. Dives are typically about 60 minutes in duration. We may extend gate times at dives where we may stay for more than one dive.

Divers must have one or both of the following:

  • Dive computer with time keeping
  • Dive tables being logged after each dive along with a watch

Night Dives

By request we will do our best to accommodate night dives, taking weather and overnight anchorage requirements into consideration. We require the following for all night dives:

    1. A primary and secondary light must be in working condition to enter the water, no exceptions.
    2. All tanks must have a beacon or chemical glow stick attached during the dive.
    3. No scooters on night dives.
    4. Divers must dive in pairs (buddy diving).

We request that at least 4 divers (2 teams) participate in the night dive. This isn’t a strict rule, but a request.


Divers using scooters must carry an surface marker buoy (SMB) and sound making device.


Freedivers must use either a float with a surface buoy or carry a deployable surface marker buoy (SMB), and carry a watch.

Air Fills and Nitrox

We provide unlimited air fills onboard during your trip. We require to be in current hydrostatic testing.

If you have nitrox certification, nitrox can be purchased ahead of time or at departure at check in. Nitrox is $35/day/diver. We fill at 32% oxygen. All nitrox divers must check their oxygen percent level in their tanks and dive plan accordingly after fills. We provide a sniffer.